Rudi Rüttger
Wine Estate | Neuleiningen | Pfalz


Since many decades, our biggest passion is the vinification of
Riesling, Grauburgunder and Weissburgunder.
The Riesling's diversity is shown in 3 quality-steps, where the base is our elegant Riesling Feuermännchen - dry, crisp flavours, well balanced acidity: it can be already enjoyed in its youth. Our Top Quality is called Riesling Réserve, dry. It grows in our oldest vineyards, which are up to 60 years old, and is harvested the latest. Given that, plus showing some patience during vinifcation(partly in barrels), it is our most opulent whitewine. Our dry Literbottle Riesling should not ripen too long on the vine: we want it to come out light and juicy, with a sparkling acidity.
The Weiß- und Grauburgunder vines (Pinot Blanc / Gris) grow, just like in their Burgundy origin, on limestone soils. But the cool climate region here gives them another twist: That results into a great balance of strength, acidity, and minerality, they're vinificated in stainless steel, and benefit alot from the rocky underground of which the Hill of Neuleiningen is made.


About 40% of our vineyards are planted with red varieties.

All red wines are fermented on the mash, enjoying a rather long maceration, and pass through a natural malolactic fermentation. They would not be bottled before 1 - 4 years after that.
Spätburgunder, St. Laurent, Schwarzriesling and Dornfelder grow here for a long time, as they are our most typical red wine varieties. Most of them should come out rather light and fruity, with no overloaded phenoles.

In opposite to that, we also offer more challenging, complex wines from our best grapes. They experience a rather long mash fermentation, combined with a longer (partly barrel) aging.
Here, in particular, the cuvée Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon, but also Blaufränkisch or Spätburgunder Réserve (100% barrel) stand out.


Wines that are first of all recognized by an intense flavour especially benefit from our short distances from vineyard to the wine-cellar: All of them grow within 1km reach.
That is important, since the aromatic predecessors of varieties like Bacchus or Sauvignon Blanc are very sensitive and should not go through a long maceration.
The Bouquet reminds one of gooseberry- and black-currant-flavours, the acidity is lively, we usually recommend to enjoy them rather young!
Also Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon grow in our Neuleiningen sites, they handle the rather cool climate quite well: our Chardonnay-wines come out with a typical Hazelnut-Flavour, while the taste is full-bodied and somewhat challenging for your senses. The Rosé we make of Cabernet Sauvignon is nothing like a typical blush wine: it's usually red Pepper and cherry that it's reminding us of. We offer a big range: Besides these dry wines, we also make sweet dessert-wines made of Scheurebe and Gewürztraminer.